Beautiful tents are some of the most important tools in the arsenal of outdoor event organisers and stylists. From intimate backyard weddings in small towns in Australia to grand opening ceremonies in glittering cities like Berlin or Rome, the one thing that really ties together an al fresco celebration is a gorgeous tent that creates a weatherproof space where guests can mingle and enjoy themselves. The Tentickle team has been hard at work for over two decades to design tents that are not only beautiful to look at, but simple to use, and cost-effective to acquire and maintain. With these principles in mind, we have created a comprehensive collection of tents that tick all the must-have boxes of the most discerning tent owners and rental specialists in the business.

How a Beautiful Tent Amps Up Ambience

Ah, ambiance – the elusive component of any well-executed event or function. Whether you’re planning an elegant corporate function with hundreds of delegates, a small art auction or a raucous family reunion, a lack of ambiance is the one thing that is guaranteed to throw a spanner in the works. But how exactly do you ensure that your event has a great vibe? Simple – you start with space. A happy, vibrant ambiance is normally the result of a group of people who are comfortable, engaged and thoroughly entertained in a given space. The best way to ensure that this occurs is to ensure that your venue isn’t so big that they are rattling around, or so small that they feel crowded. Additionally, you should be able to manage the lighting and temperature control so it’s never too hot, too cold, too light or too dark. All this becomes a whole lot simpler when you choose a beautiful tent that can be adapted to suit your needs with side flaps and occasional lighting.

How To Choose A Tent That Suits Your Needs

When you’re looking around for beautiful tents online, it can be daunting to make a decision about the marquee tent that would suit your requirements. There are so many options out there and it can be difficult to get a handle on the benefits of certain fabrics or spatial solutions if you don’t have access to an expert who can explain the ins and outs with confidence and in detail. Would you like more information about our selection of beautiful tents? It’s as simple as filling out the form below. Once we have your information, a knowledgeable member of our tent rental team will be in touch to get the full scope of your requirements so we may draw up a quote that is based on your exact needs.

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