Tentickle Belgium is the exclusive distributor of Tentickle Stretch Tents for Belgium and also distributes into France.

The Stretch Tents are suitable for any type of event including product launches, concerts, international conventions, weddings and special occasions …simply choose the stretch tent that meets your needs and customise it.

Further Information on Tentickle Belgium

Tentickle Belgium is a company in the event market that specialises in offering authentic tents for custom events in both Belgium and France. They are the exclusive distributor for the rental and sale of Tentickle International stretch tents, one of the market leaders in the production of high quality stretch tents.

Tentickle stretch tents are fire-resistant, water resistant and UV protective, so you have the guarantee that your guests will be protected in a variety of conditions. The tents can be set up on slopes, terraces or even on uneven surfaces where a regular tent cannot be pitched.

Stretch tents are also modular and the form can be easily adapted to the environment.

Tentickle Belgium offers a range of different tents and their accessories in Belgium and France. They also offer the opportunity to hire tent floors, lighting and furniture with your Stretch Tent rental. Simply contact Tentickle Belgium for more information.

Sale or Rental of Stretch Tents in Belgium

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