Our beautiful Bedouin-inspired Stretch Tents perfectly matches the area of Busselton that has been awarded top tourist spot in Western Australia three times now! Apart from having easy access to the Margaret River wine region, it has its very own exquisite beaches, with long stretches of coastline, coastline scenery, vast expanses of outback and loads of festive restaurants, bars and galleries, as well as plenty of accommodation. It is the perfect location for any event and has the landscape and views that lend themselves to the unlimited versatility of our stretch tents on the beaches or marquee tents out in the bush or among the wildflowers.

Stretch Tent Hire, Busselton

Whatever outdoor event you plan in Busselton, your guests need to be kept comfortable and sheltered from the Mediterranean climate which means hot summer sun and winter rainfall. Our organic and fire retardant stretch tents are not only functional, but aesthetically they add a festive element to any event, any time of the year.

Hire Wedding Tents in Busselton

From gorgeous green vineyards to mystical caves we think Busselton has some of the best wedding locations in Western Australia. Our romantic wedding tents look great on the long sandy beaches or on the lawns next to the many historical buildings and of course tucked deep in the Forest National Park. We are able to pitch them on any surface at all, so your guests will feel the magic of your special day in whichever location you choose.

Our favourite venues and events in and around Busselton

Naturally, due to its enormous popularity, Busselton never passes up the opportunity to hoist up the marquee tents for yet another fun-packed occasion, from wine tastings to beer festivals to sports events. We love the South West Craft Beer Festival which draws crowds of people and incredible brewers for a festival of live music and interesting beer flavours. The music lovers among us never miss the brilliant Southbound Music Festival which attracts world famous artists and thousands of their admirers from the surrounding areas and all over the world!

If you are hosting an event in Busselton then contact us today for the best advice on the use of our scientifically designed event tents. You can also visit our gallery for some inspiration!

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