From classic garden parties to modern music festivals, just about everyone who has been to a special event knows what the inside of a marquee tent looks and feels like. However, since the early 2000’s marquee tents have received a modern upgrade in the form of fabric stretch tent. Our Tentickle stretch tents have brought an unmatched level of versatility, value and creativity to all events.

5 Reasons to Consider Stretch Tents as an Alternative to Marquees:

  • Stretch tents are customisable. That means, unlike a marquee tent, it almost infinitely flexible in shape, colour and position.
  • You can position a Tentickle stretch tent in difficult and uneven terrain. In fact, you can choose just about any location, like slopes, on rooftops or over rocky ground.
  • Tentickle tents looks natural t, and are manufactured using a fabric that is both durable, waterproof and fire retardant. Tentickle’s scientifically developed tent fabric is also able to breathe (great for party tents) due to its organic material over the traditional PVC.
  • Stretch tents are easier to maintain and transport. You can even store one of our large tents in a domestic garage and then pack it onto a utility (pick up truck).
  • They can be dismantled, reassembled and pitched in double-quick time for cleaning or re-setting.

Why hire a Stretch Tent over a Marquee?

Our stretch tents create unique, intimate atmospheres and easily lend themselves to the adaption to any theme. The flexibility and distinct look of a stretch tent is a great alternative over its more traditional cousin, the Marquee tent. Stretch tents, made from 100% waterproof and fire retardant stretch fabric, can be pitched on almost any surface and can withstand storm force winds.

In today’s ever-growing and competitive market, Tentickle Tent hire stands out from the manytent hire companies found in Australia because:

  • We are great value for money
  • You can hire our tents for any type of event held in nearly any location
  • We have professional and efficient tent pitching teams
  • Our tents are suitable for almost any kind of weather

If you are serious about tent hire and know that you want to create an amazing wedding, party or corporate event, we believe it’s well worth opting for hiring a stretch tent.

Why Buy a Stretch Tent and not a Marquee Tent?

If you’re looking to buy an event tent, why not consider a stretch tent? Not only are they easy to pitch, they’re also a great centrepiece for any event. They’re also waterproof, can withstand gale force winds and are fire retardant to make sure that your special event, wedding or party doesn’t end up in ashes!

The great thing about owning a stretch tent is that you can use it over and over, yet your theme can change every time. By hiring décor and playing with effective lighting, you can create almost any look and feel to suit your mood. For example, red lighting with big cushions, low tables and Persian rugs, sets the scene for an “Arabian nights” themed party or white fairy lights and a beautiful silver service with checkerboard flooring is the perfect setting for a “Great Gatsby” party.

So, if you have decided that a stretch tent will be a good alternative to a marquee tent, get a quote today.

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